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    Pet Shop Visit - January 2018

    On the 30th January 2018 the Little Bear’s babies group went on a short outing to the local pet shop to view some of the animals.

    Crumpet Pizza Making - January 2018

    The Yogi Bear Room had a fun ‘cooking’ session, making their own crumpet pizzas.

    New Mud Kitchen - February 2018

    Outdoor play is very important to our children’s development, we’ve therefore given our Mud Kitchens a bit of a revamp.

    The Pre-School children love playing outside, getting messy, creative and enjoying some fresh air.

    Fruit Salad Shopping - February 2018

    The Paddington Room took a trip to our local Tesco to buy some tasty ingredients to make a healthy fruit salad for lunch.

    Giving the children free choice of what fruit and vegetables they eat is a great way of promoting heathy eating and encourages independence.

    Library Trip - February 2018

    Encouraging reading is high on the Little Bear’s agenda. The Paddington’s trip to the local library encourages children to engage with books.

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