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Meet Our Educators
    • Isabel Jude
      Nursery Practitioner

      Isabel Jude

      Nursery Practitioner

      Hello! My name is Isabel Jude and I have been a Nursery Practitioner at Little Bears Nursery for more than a year, since I arrived in England and I absolutely love it. Before that I worked in Malaysia, for a year, in an International Childcare Center, that was an amazing experience because of the Multicultural setting. I had the opportunity to teach Portuguese to adults in Australia as a second language and also volunteered in Portugal for 5 years with primary school children doing extracurricular activities.

      I believe that Little Bears is a wonderful place for a child to begin their education both academically and emotionally. We are a great team with an incredible passion for each individual child. I feel very proud and lucky to be part of such a great group of teachers.

  • The Little Bear's Approach
    The Scaffolding Approach

    At Little Bear’s our staff adopt a positive and upbeat attitude when working with your Bear Cub, encouraging them along a learning journey.

    Not just education

    Little Bear’s staff work with our little Cubs on more than just education, we enable them to develop social skills, with adults and children alike.

    Learning through play

    Children learn best through play. The Little Bear’s staff therefore work with the parents to educate them about the benefits of play and how they can also work with their children to further their learning in this way.

    Preparing children for the next step

    Little Bear’s aims to prepare your little Bear Cub for the next stage in their learning journey. Working with them to articulate their thoughts, feelings and views in a safe and forgiving environment.

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Art Classes165 Hours
    • Writing Classes125 Hours
    • Drawing Classes52 Hours
    • Yoga Classes75 Hours
  • Little Bear's Staff Qualities

    Core skills and qualities
    • Multilingual

      A number of the Little Bear’s staff speak a variety of different languages

    • Multi Faith

      As well as multilingual staff, Little Bear’s also employs a number of staff of different faiths

    • Approachable

      All Little Bear’s staff are open and approachable, as shown in our three parents evenings