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    Pet Shop Visit

    Little Bear’s babies group went on a short outing to the local pet shop to view some of the animals.

    Crumpet Pizza Making -

    The Yogi Bear Room had a fun ‘cooking’ session, making their own crumpet pizzas.

    New Mud Kitchen

    Outdoor play is very important to our children’s development, we’ve therefore given our Mud Kitchens a bit of a revamp.

    The Pre-School children love playing outside, getting messy, creative and enjoying some fresh air.

    Fruit Salad Shopping

    The Paddington Room took a trip to our local Tesco to buy some tasty ingredients to make a healthy fruit salad for lunch.

    Giving the children free choice of what fruit and vegetables they eat is a great way of promoting heathy eating and encourages independence.

    Library Trip

    Encouraging reading is high on the Little Bear’s agenda. The Paddington’s trip to the local library encourages children to engage with books.

    Sports Day

    Little Bear’s In East Village enjoyed a fun filled sports day. We had 7 activities set up for the children and parents to all have a go at. We had children and parents partaking in bean bag throwing, egg and spoon races, javelin, dressing up, tyre rolling and wheel sprinting in and out of cones.

    All children received a special medal, certificate and all had an ice lolly as a special treat at the end of the day.

    Healthy Eating

    Educating our children on the topic of healthy eating it very important to us. By encouraging them to eat healthy foods from an early age we are setting them up for a healthier way of living in the future.

    Our healthy eating sessions give the children the experience of cutting their own fruits and new and yummy tastes of fruits.


    Every year Little Bear’s holds a a graduation ceremony for children leaving us to go to Primary School. Every child is given a special moment to come up and collect their certificates at which time a speech card, written by their key worker, will be read out about how we will remember them.

    This is such a fun and special event, with Jo Jingles providing their final music session, a photographer, lots of cake and the traditional throwing hats in the air.

    Macmillan Cake Sale

    Little Bear’s Club in Wanstead held a bake sale to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research. All of the children helped to bake some cakes and helped to sell them to families and the public. There was even a surprise visit from Barry Bear! We raised £206.48 in total.

    Paddington Bear Nature Walk

    Our Toddlers room (Paddington Bear) have taken a walk with nature and parents have joined us as well.

    The toddler group had carried out a checklist to mark off all the different objects they had observed in the environment including trees, leaves, conkers, squirrels and sticks.
    The children also enjoyed exploring damp weather and kicking the leaves and listening to the different sounds they make.

    The children also felt different textures of the trees and described them as well.

    Overall this experience gave the children a chance to learn about a different environment and explore the nature at its finest.

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